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Project:, part of imoteca company, is a solution for Bucharest rentals. The brief was to create the design for the website where people could find high-end apartments and houses in Bucharest. (ultima prop de aici am mutat-o la challenge) 


To come up with a clear, elegant and friendly design 


I wanted the web to inspire trust and quality and this is why I chose this intermediary colour between blue and green. The blue also expresses competence, this was why it was a good solution for a platform that has both technology and elegance. 



Krogen Studios

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Rental made user friendly

In the design I’ve included an interactive map and a gallery that had a quick view feature, making the overall UX simple and intuitive

we-rent list of apartments


The smaller the screen, the bigger the challenge

Mobile is important and always treat it separately. For this project my goal was to organise the content in one column, for a nice UX design. This way, to see the content of the site, people had to do just one move - scroll down. 

we-rent phones
we-rent menu on mobile
Aviatiei apartments


The project

A new building block in Bucharest, placed in a very good area that had in target young families, prosperous and looking for a house not to far from the city life. 

The challenge

To create a web design that is at the intersection of fun & family, young & elegant. 

The solution 

I met the clients needs with a elegant approach and treatment of the page, for the gallery section and for the image displays. In the same time, I took as a source of inspiration the name of the neighbourhood, Aviației, which means Air Force and I’ve included elements and symbols from the airplane universe. 

Aviatiei homepage

Aviatiei Apartments needed a good-looking web platform for their new residential building in Bucharest. To give a cozy luxury feeling, I used wide images, vibrant colors and elegant contrasts.

Aviatiei homepage full design


Aviatiei  gallery page


Since the web had a presentation purpose when designing the UX, I decided to have HQ full screen renders, and smart presentation of the building as the hero images that take all the scene in the mobile design. 

plane logo Aviatiei
Aviatiei  mobile screens
Speedwell cover
speedwell logo

The project

Speedwell, a Belgian real estate investor in Bucharest needed a website to promote it's biggest achievements and to present their team


The challenge

To create a strong design that will express trust and strength and present the business in a way that stands out from the market.


The solution

To raise that feeling amongst users, I chose a chromatic that blended red and blue and I kept an elegant overall look. 

I also included a section where users could see live stream videos from the sight. 

Speedwell buildings
speedwell desktop homepage
speedwell fonts used

Project Page

speedwell mobile and desktop gallery

On the project page I tried to showcase the best features of the project: high European standards, above-market sized terraces, green spaces and an overall mood of comfortable living, working or shopping.

Gallery Page

speedwell desktop and mobile gallery

The gallery was the section where I wanted to meet the presentation purposes, so this is why I chose a simple and elegant way to display high-resolution images & renders.

speedwell team page
speedwell mobile screens
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