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Human interaction with the world is supposed to be simple and engaging.

I am constantly trying to enable this interactiveness through art and design.

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Freelance Projects

2022 - Present

Digital Art Direction / Visual Artist


With a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, I approach each project with a focus on innovation and effective design that resonates with audiences. Whether creating a remarkable website, developing a cutting-edge mobile app, or crafting eye-catching visual content, I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality work and exceeding expectations.

Clients: Berlin Insitute of Health (Universitätsmedizin Berlin), Across-Platforms Berlin, Rewe Romania, E-MAG, Freshful, Summer Well Festival, Spinoa, Keep it Mobile, ICEE Fest, Nivea, Primo, Dose Cafe, RePlace Coffee Shop, Forty Four

Mainstage the Agency projects)

2020 - 2022

Digital Art Director

Mainstage the Agency

MAINSTAGE THE AGENCY, powered by Global & Untold Festival and working with an impressive line-up of creative marketing thinkers, Mainstage focuses on digital, experiential & celebrity marketing, taking brands to the main stage of international pop culture.

I led digital campaign initiatives and have been involved in many exciting and challenging projects for Tefal, ETI Wanted, and Mega Mall campaigns. I also designed Penny Romania's first e-commerce delivery platform and created all its landing pages and web assets during 2020-2022. Mainly at The Mainstage, I was responsible for multiple brands' visual side and digital presence.


Clients: Penny Romania, Tefal, ETI, MegaMall, Samsara, Efli, World Bank Romania



Tuio Agency Bucharest

2018 - 2019

Digital Art Director

Tuio Agency, Bucharest

During my time at Tuio, I created materials for social media content, digital marketing campaigns, and key visuals for online communication and packaging. I also focused on desktop & mobile application development and UI design. Worked to support the senior creative staff with day-to-day tasks, ensuring a high standard of visual execution across all media and campaigns and uncovering new ways to incorporate emerging and new media formats into campaigns.

Clients: Brands: Kellogg, Yves Rocher, Sephora, Cristim, Alexandrion Group


2016 - 2018


Krogen Studios

Krogen is an independent creative studio targeting local and international markets.

At Krogen, I was responsible for the visual delivery of multiple real estate branding projects, emphasising UI and brand presentations. My skill set includes UX / UI, Branding, Newsletters, Image Processing, Digital Assets for Google Campaigns, High-fidelity mock-up representations of the final product and user testing and feedback to allow early detection and correction of any design issues.

Clients: Speedwell Belgium, Imoteca Romania, Record Business Park Cluj Napoca


Publicis Agency Romania

2015 - 2016

Digital Art Director

Publicis Romania

Publicis was my first actual contact with advertising at a high level. As part of the Digital team, I covered a few areas, starting with Social Media Content, Digital Assets and Digital Design. I also had ample opportunity to learn more about UX/UI and what it means to create a fully integrated campaign. Worked to support the senior creative staff with day-to-day tasks and took ownership of the visual elements of creative work for new business pitches. From copywriting to design and execution, I have also contributed to the creative process. 


Clients: Renault, Nissan, OMV Romania, Nestle Ice Cream, Granini, Farmaciile DONA, Bayer, Roche, Carrefour, Unirea, Holsten

mobuy Romania start up

2012 - 2015

Junior Art Director


Mobuy (powered by Vodafone) was a mobile app that gave smartphone users significant shopping discounts and offered POS solutions to verify in-store app engagement, tracking the redemption of its users' sales. Mobuy was my introduction to the world of in-house design. Working at a start-up allowed me to perfect my skills in creating content for Social Media campaigns, Stationery Design, Photo Retouching, and creating images following guidelines and applications' look & feel. Additionally, I executed mob V2.0 and monthly design updates and assisted in professional photo shoots.


2002 - 2006 

Carmen Sylva, Art Highschool

Design & Architecture

Ploiesti, Romania


2006 - 2009

University of Art Bucharest

Product Design

Bucharest, Romania


2010 - 2011 

University of Art Bucharest

Product Design

Bucharest, Romania

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