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Mobuy, mobile advertising platform

Start-up, PR, Brand Building, Communication and Social Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, Sales, Partnerships

A shopping app that puts retailers in touch with their mobile shoppers and syncs with a POS device to make redeeming deals easy providing also a complete sales funnel analysis from views to redemptions. 

The app used geolocation in order to provide the user with relevant and real-time offers nearby, based on their shopping habits and previous interactions. 

Outcome: awarded in local creativity festivals and Vodafone partnership. 

Mobuy was my introduction to the world of in-house design, working at a start-up, provided me with the opportunity to perfect my skills in creating content for social media campaigns, stationery design, photo retouching and creating images in accordance with guidelines and applications' look & feel. Additionally, I executed mob V2.0 and monthly design updates and assisted on photo shoots.


Brands: Vodafone | Various Brands


ZF Mobilio Awards, 2014: Gold, Best Use of Location Services.

Gold, Most Innovative Mobile App

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