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The project

Elfi is a Romanian brand producing paper products that wanted to stand out from the category that always launches toilet paper with all sorts of exotic scents.

The challenge

To create a disruptive product and a campaign to match it

The solution 

On the 1st of December, we launched Elfi with corn scent. 

The insight we started from was a Romanian myth that people used corn leaves to wipe themselves in the old times. This is how we developed a 100% Romanian-inspired product that made all the exotic scents of the competition fade and easily got to the hearts of all Romanian customers.

The agency


Elfi Cocean (packaging design)

My solution for the packaging design was to create a look as closer to the corn itself as possible. 

I wanted to keep it subtle but fun and appealing for all the Romanians that relate to the insight of using the “cocean” in the old times.

Elfi Packaging

The video ad was the cherry on top of the project. We used a very well known romanian comedian, Costel, that has a very authentic personality and was the perfect fit for the product, building up on the irony.


The shooting was challenging, because we designed an intricate set up but the result worth every drop of sweat we put in this project, from the point of designing the ironic package, to the launch of it. 

Social Media 

Elfi Social media Insttagram
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